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Sponsored by MCE and Parker Hannifin

As a manager or operator of pressurized fluids systems across hydraulic, pneumatic, and material-transport systems, you know the importance of maintaining safe working conditions.  

A failure in a fluid system can result in property damage, personal injury, or even death.  

Maintaining education and awareness on up-to-date safety procedures and practices is critical to ensure a safe operating environment. 

SafetyWorks, presented by MCE and Parker Hannifin, is an interactive virtual training program promotes awareness of following proper safety practices with fluid power. 

What you’ll learn: Through three modules of interactive online training, you will learn the latest information to:

  • Follow proper hose assembly and routing guidelines to help prevent premature failures
  • Implement a product-selection process for safe and efficient fluid-systems design and use
  • Avoid injection injuries and understand the importance of timely treatment should an injection injury occur

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